Why Study in the UK?

Interested in studying abroad? Here is what the UK has to offer.

1. High Quality Education
Higher education institutions in the UK have a desirable reputation of excellence and high quality. The UK is well known for producing highly skilled and forward-thinking graduates that are highly sought after. A qualification from a UK university will be respected and desired by prospective employers.

2. Better Employment Prospects
Studying in the UK enables graduates to have better employment prospects. Graduates from UK universities are taught analytical and critical thinking skills; all very desirable in the workplace. UK university qualifications are recognised by employers around the globe. This leaves UK graduates in a great position to enter the competitive workplace and set their careers off to a strong start.

3. Access to World Leading Research
The UK and its universities are well-known for being on the front line of ground breaking scientific research. Studying in the UK will give you the opportunity to gain from this research and resources; giving you the edge.

4. Vast Course Choice and Short Completion Times
In the UK you will find more than 50,000 courses across 130 universities. With such a vast choice, you are bound to find the course that suits your requirements and sets you up to enter the workforce. In addition to this, with an duration of 3 years, the UK also has courses that are shorter than undergraduate degree courses in other countries.

5. Diaspora and Local Community
The UK is well-known for its multicultural and ethnically diverse society. In addition to this, there are over half a million students that choose the UK as their place of study every year. There is a large Somali Diaspora too (of over 100,000 people); a fact that Somali students find comforting when coming to study in the UK.

6. Transport Connections
The UK has fantastic road, air and rail links. Travelling by car is not necessarily the only means of transport. With frequent, regular and reasonably priced public transport, people in the UK often choose alternative methods of transport; keeping your travel costs down.

Invest in Yourself

UK Som Ed can help you to achieve your aspirations.